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In March 2020 Thess Fischer joined the live-streaming platform Twitch due to the pandemic. Her channel is growing at a rapid pace with a very devoted community currently over 45.6k followers & 1 million views on her channel in less than 2 years, an accomplishment that’s rarely seen on the platform which only speaks volume to the level of talent & entertainment she brings.

On 1st April 2020 Thess did her very first stream and shortly after became a Twitch Partner on 8 May 2020, just seven weeks after she started and has since grown a strong supportive community called Thesslandia, part of the Thessno club. Seven months later she created her very own merch on 1st of November 2020 and dropping her 2nd Merch 6 months later on 1st of May following the success of the first merch line.

Her longest stream to date is 10.5 hours in celebration of her birthday the 13th of July (forever 23). Her average stream times span anywhere between 5 to 6 hours
At times you'll find her streaming at exotic locations such as the Mentawai islands or resorts around Bali and on occasions at local friends houses. But often times she streams right in the comfort of her own home in various spots such as the beautiful Bali front doors.

Thess's favorite stream to date is of an emotional one where tears of joy were shed to the song of Menabelle by Sebastien Leger which has since become the official song of her channel. The tremendous amount of support displayed by the community by shattering numerous Twitch Hype Trains and the out-pour  of generosity will forever be a memory she will never forget. 

Her two dogos (dogs) are rescue pups from Bali that have become very popular in her streams called Liyah and Theo.

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